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We Need Your Help.

Are you wanting to join the fight against Childhood Cancer but don't know where to start?
Our program invites participation from anybody willing! Simply collect pop can tabs! You can collect at home, at school, or at work! From there, drop your tabs off at your nearest collection site. Starting in 2021, all RM offices in Saskatchewan will be accepting tab donations, granting accessibility to all parts of our province. 
Download Our Posters & Stickers!


Download our free posters to hand out to friends and family. Part of our missions is not only to collect tabs and raise funds but also to create an awareness of childhood cancer as a very real nightmare for families in Canada. 


Posters - Hand these out to explain Silver for Gold and to encourage participation

Stickers - Print these as a sticker and place them on your collection bucket. This is ideal for schools and businesses

Pop Can Tabs
to raise 
for Childhood Cancer.



September Declared Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

September 11

Small But Mighty Gold Walk Saskatoon. Silver for gold will be set up at Saskabilities parking lot located at 2310 louise ave. bring your tabs for our province wide collection day

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