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We are currently looking for sponsors for the 2021 tab collection season.


We are challenging business owners to monetarily match the tab donation raised for this year. All sponsorship gets added to our grand total after taking the tabs to the recycler and is presented to Childhood Cancer Canada. If you wish to sponsor Silver for Gold, please contact us and express interest in your business becoming a sponsor for Silver for Gold. 


We also are looking for businesses that wish to sponsor the marketing costs to run Silver for Gold. Since 100% of the money raised for Silver for Gold goes to Childhood Cancer Canada, marketing costs fall on our Silver for Gold team to use money out of our own pocket to fund and promote our cause. If you or someone you know may be willing to sponsor the marketing costs for Silver for Gold, please contact us to discuss further.  



Thank you for your support and consideration!

Did You Know?
Childhood cancer is consistently underfunded, accounting for only five percent of all cancer research funding in Canada today.
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